Cans & Bottles


PeaceTime Saison 5.5% Slow Down Brewing

Chios House Ale Blonde Ale 4.9% Chios

Kervana (Κερβάνα) Blonde Ale 5.0% Sourmena

Alea Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.0% Alea

Kids of the Black Hole Pale Ale 5.0% Alea

Genesis Pale Ale 5.0% Raven

Tsigana Session I.P.A. 4.5% Mustaki

Tropiki Session I.P.A. 4.5% Strange Brew

Ammousa English I.P.A. 5.5% AMMOUSA

Fonias India Pale Ale I.P.A. 6.7% Samothraki

Achilles Paradox Hazy I.P.A. 7.0% Alea

Dr. Haze Double IPA (Hazy) 8.0% Strange Brew

Kyria Toula (Κυρία Τούλα) Hazy I.P.A. 6.0% Sourmena

Hoppy Ghost DDH Hazy I.P.A. 7.0% Brewtiful

Pyrocataclysm Double-Hazy I.P.A. 9.0% Radical Way

Summer Shift Double-Hazy I.P.A. 8.0% Strange/Sofia

Chloe Unity Lager Helles Lager 5.0% Strange/Alea

Mexicana “Mexican” Lager 5.0% Mustaki

Θ. Αιμίλιος (Th. Aimilios) “Pilsner” Lager 5.0% Midnight Circus

Ikariotisa Honey Red Red Ale 5.0% Ikarian Brewery

Drama Queen Red Ale 4.5% Midnight Circus

Helix Oatmeal Stout 5.5% Sourmena

Hello Darkness My Owl.. Imperial Stout 9.0% Noctua

Freezing Moon Imperial Stout 10.0% Dark Crops Brewery

White Whale Imperial Stout 15.0% Dark Crops Brewery

Mexican Imperial Stout Imperial Stout 12.0% Kykao

Russian Imperial Stout Imperial Stout 12.0% Kykao

Walnut Pie Imperial Stout 10.0% Clepsydra

Ali (Άλη) Weiss Wheat Beer 5.0% Άλη

Wit Witbier 5.0% Alea